PoultryMate automatic bedding robot

Our company’s occupation is the development, sale and installation of the automatic bedding robot.

Properties of the PoultryMate litter-sprinkler system

The idea of PoultryMate came from two farmers, solving their own problem. With more than 20 years of producer experience, they started experimenting for years to develop a solution to fully automate one of the problems of poultry farming, which demands the most labor. The invention has an extended design protection and is in constant development so it can serve even more needs.

PoultryMate does the poultry bedder system independently from day one to the last day. Additionally, it does the automatic bedding robot before the settling instead of the farmer too. Also, it is not needed to rise the feeders in order to use it and if the drinking-through doesn’t have an open water surface it doesn’t need rising either.

The breakthrough of PoultryMate is that it uses chopped straw. Furthermore, it is possible to use pellet or other litter too, but from our experience, if it is possible for the straw to always be fresh and refilled, significantly less energy will be required for the production and the economic indicators of the substance won’t get worse. This way we can save a significant amount of heating energy and if the heating ventilation is optimized, we can save electric energy too. Using the same quality of litter, it is way more efficient using the PoultryMate instead of manually distributing the litter because the automated system distributes the litter equally thus using less amount of it.

During the distribution of the litter there is no noise, there are no sudden movements, there is nothing that frightens the animals. The movement speed is the same, this way the animals have time to adapt to the movement, get out of the way or if not, PoultryMate will just simply float over them.
Did it ever occur that when transporting substance, some from one side of the pen had an average weight lower than some from the other side of the pen? Did it ever occur that the temperature or humidity wasn’t unitary in the keeping? During operation, PoultryMate gets around the entire pen, this way thanks to the sensors, it gives information about temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. With measurements extending to the entirety of the pen You can get answers for events, that when solved can increase profit. With PoultryMate it is even possible to have a live broadcast of the pen, so that the farmer can take a virtual walk around it whenever he wants to. This is important because the farmer can see if there are any issues.

The PoultryMate automatic bedding robot in action.

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Jenő Gál

Jenő Gál


+36 30 967 4995


Welcome! My name is Jenő Gál and I am the lead developer of the automatic bedding robot. If You have any questions about the development of the system feel free to contact me.

Ádám Szijjártó

Ádám Szijjártó


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Welcome! My name is Ádám Szijjártó and I am the commerce leader of PoultryMatic. If You have any questions about the purchase or installation of the system feel free to contact me.

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